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Dental Cleaning
Medford, OR

Woman with white teeth getting a dental cleaning at Cascade Dental in Medford, ORDental cleanings are a preventive measure that dental hygienists take so that the patient has good oral health. By doing dental cleanings the dentist aims at removing plaque and tartar from in between the teeth so that they keep the patient safe from tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. We are dedicated at Cascade Dental to do your dental cleanings and give you the oral health you need. We have the expert knowledge and the equipment to conduct dental cleanings.

Types of Dental Cleanings

Deep cleaning, regular cleaning, and scaling are examples of cleaning methods. Deep cleanings also take away the risk of periodontitis and any form of gum disease. If the extent of plaque, tartar, or gum disease is advanced then this can be scheduled to take two dental appointments. Regular dental cleanings get rid of all the plaque and tartar and even remove stains on teeth. Dental cleanings will also prevent gingivitis.

Benefits of Cleanings

Visiting the dentist for dental cleanings is very important for it prevents the formation of cavities. It is cheaper to clean than to fill cavities and do root canal procedures. Having dental cleanings will reduce the chances of getting gum disease and having tooth loss, and the tissues that surround the gums and teeth will not be affected. The dental cleaning procedure is vital for it takes away the bad breath that is caused by the mouth bacteria. This will help in creating an odor-free mouth and also whiten the teeth. The cleanings help in giving general oral health a boost.

What Happens During Cleanings

An examination is essential during dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar are essential components of the examination. Plaque is a sticky, transparent covering of microorganisms that, if not removed, can harden and cause oral illnesses. Gum health is important, because deep spaces reveal evidence of gum disease, whereas shallow areas have healthy gums. When redness, inflammation, or changes in tissue suggest oral cancer, a thorough examination of the throat, face, tongue, neck, and the head is required.

During the cleaning procedure, the dentist removes tartar and plaque from the teeth by scaling them with a specific metallic instrument called a scaler. To eliminate stains and make the teeth whiter and more attractive, the teeth are polished using a gritty paste. To maintain strong teeth, flossing and brushing are essential, and is aided by using fluoride toothpaste. It is also beneficial to use mouthwash to control bacterial growth and provide fresh breath for the mouth.

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle then dental cleanings are essential. Visit us at Cascade Dental and we will offer all of the information you need about dental cleanings. To learn more on how we do dental cleanings then do not hesitate to call us here today at 541-779-6401 to schedule an appointment with our dental team.

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To learn more on how we do dental cleanings then do not hesitate to call us here today to schedule an appointment with our dental team.
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