Tori reduction involves the surgical removal of mandibular tori, also referred to as exostosis, bone spurs or growths around the teeth. It is not particularly common to develop these bony protuberances. They can be found under the gums along the upper or lower mandible, or jawbone, of the mouth. Most commonly, these protruding bone growths are found bilaterally (on both sides) near the premolars in the bottom jawbone.

This oral abnormality can be the result of many different factors, such as local stresses in the mouth and is not always caused by genetics or dental conditions. Tori growths usually develop slowly and may not be noticed or become uncomfotable unless bothered by hard foods, like chips or crusts. As you may learn during a consultation with Dr. Joshua Rice, bone spurs like mandibular tori often do not interfere or inhibit your ability to eat or speak properly. So, you may not need them removed.

While mandibular tori are not usually very painful, they can cause discomfort if they continue to grow and affect your oral functions, health or quality of life. If this happens or if the comfort and position of your dentures or other oral appliance are compromised, our dentist may recommend tori removal in Medford, Oregon. Contact Cascade Dental at 541-779-6401 if you have questions or concerns about this condition.