Tooth loss can have serious impact on your day-to-day life, impacting your ability to speak and eat as well as causing your self-esteem and confidence to suffer. Dr. Joshua Rice is committed to helping you regain your smile, oral function and quality of life. Dentures are a cost-effective and proven method of replacing your missing teeth, and may be recommended if you need to replace multiple teeth.

Dentures are a removal oral prosthesis, and are designed to look and function like your original teeth. Dentures are typically considered for individuals who have lost many or all their teeth. There are several types of dentures available at our office, including both complete and partial dentures, and Dr. Rice will work with you to determine which type of dentures will be most effective in meeting your needs. When you receive dentures, our dentist and team will also provide you with instructions to help keep your appliance in good condition so that you can continue to enjoy a healthy smile.

Benefits of dentures include:

  • Restoring your confident smile
  • Giving you back the ability to chew and speak normally
  • Supporting the contours of your face to give you a healthier appearance.

The denture services provided in our office include:

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