Having dental insurance is the #1 factor deciding whether or not a person will visit their dentist. Here at Cascade Dental we are out to change that! So we’ve created our own, affordable, in-house dental member plan. With savings of more than $200 per year, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! So check out the details below, and call to schedule your first visit today, 541-779-6401.

Anual Premiums

  • Adult(+12): $275
  • Additional Adult: $250
  • Child (Under 12): $200

Membership Benefits

  • Proffesional dental cleanings and exams (up to 2 per year)
  • Includes necessary x-rays and fluoride treatments
  • Emergency exam during normal business hours, co-pay $20
  • Additional periodontal maintenance cleanings at $80 co-pay
  • 15% off all other dental treatment (when paid at time of service)


  • This plan is not insurance and cannot be combined with any other insurance plan or discount program.
  • Plan is active for one year from date of purchase of the primary member.
  • Multi-member plans are limited to 2 parents, and children through age 20. Children in college may stay on plan up to the age of 26.
  • Membership discounts and benefits are not valid at any other dental office.
  • As a courtesy, we will remind patients when they are due for visits, but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to schedule needed treatment and exams.