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Brushing A Toddlers Teeth 4/1/2019

Monthly Dental Tip:  Have you ever managed an 8 second bull ride? Brushing your toddler’s teeth might be the next closest thing!   Watch Dr. Rice and his son demonstrate some of the following helpful tips for doing it right.  First off, for children that haven’t yet learned to spit well, you only need a grain-of-rice amount of toothpaste.  Position yourself behind or to the side of your child and cradle the head against your chest.  Ask him/her to open as big as a _____ (my kids like hippos and lions).  Speed is of the essence when they’re little!  Do a good job, but go fast.  Complimenting their shiny white teeth while you work helps them stay open longer.  Teach them to spit and rinse; show them how you do it if they need improvement.  Until your children are dexterous enough to brush as well as you do, I recommend that you personally brush their teeth before bed. Maybe let them try it on their own in the mornings. Above all else, don’t give up! Establishing good brushing habits in youth will benefit them immensely throughout life.  -Dr. Rice